3 Person Inflatable Kayak Review

Half the fun of going out on the water is having friends along with you on your adventure. The problem is, many inflatable kayaks do not give you the room that is necessary to take along a companion, much less two of them. That is why Coleman, as well as several other manufacturers, decided to build a kayak that was capable of holding three people. Some may question whether it is an inflatable worth having, which is why we decided to give you the pros and cons in our 3 person inflatable kayak review.

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Multiple Person Inflatable Kayak Comparison Chart

Brand Name

Max. Weight



Heavy Duty Optional Dingy

1,000 lbs



Dingy Kayak Option For Multiple Persons

900 lbs



Sea Eagle
Sea Eagle Fast

795 lbs



Multiple Passenger Blow Up Boat

600 lbs



Big Basin
3 Person Kayak By Coleman

490 lbs



Most Popular: Coleman 3-Person Inflatable Kayak

topview3personkayakThe Big Basin is a 3 person kayak that is made of heavy duty PVC. This ensures that it is rugged enough to be used for lake use and the tarpaulin bottom means you can edge in close to the shore without worry.

It features multiple air chambers to ensure your safety, even when it is loaded down. If you do happen to puncture the kayak, you will still not have to worry about it until you can get it to shore.

This kayak has a Boston Valve that is double threaded to make inflation and deflation quick and easy. It uses the airtight system to ensure that leaks do not happen around the valves.

Included with your purchase is three fully adjustable seats so that you can move them around where you need them and spray covers to keep you dry. This means you can venture out on your kayak with friends, even in cooler weather and not have to worry about getting chilled from the water spray.

When fully inflated, this kayak measures in at 12’ x 3” x 3’1”. It weighs 34.8 pounds to ensure you can still carry it with ease, even with the larger size.3 Person Kayak By Coleman

3-Seater by Coleman Ease Of Use

The fact that this inflatable is a 3 person inflatable kayak, many want to know if it is easy to use in comparison to tandem or solo kayaks. The truth is, even though it is a three person kayak, you do not have to worry about it being unmanageable. In most cases, you should be able to paddle it easily with two. It is a little more difficult with only one person, but it is not impossible. However, the fact that seats are adjustable makes it simple enough to use in all situations, regardless of whether you have one, two, or three people onboard.Coleman 3 Person Kayak


Coleman Inflatable Kayak Impression

For an inflatable kayak 3 person option, the Coleman Big Basin is very popular and liked by the people who own it. It has an average rating of 4.2-stars and most owners say that it is everything they had hoped for. They say that it tracks well, is very stable, and roomy enough to ensure they are comfortable when kayaking.

They also enjoy that it is such an affordable option. The only downside to it is that you will need to purchase a pump and paddles.

More 3 Person Inflatable Kayak Choices

Sea Eagle FastTrack

Sea Eagle Fast This three-person kayak gives everyone on board the space that they need. It is NMMA certified and has 9-D-rings to hold the seats securely in place. It can be used as a single or tandem boat as well. There are grab handles on the bow and stern, front and rear spray skirts, as well as storage and lacing. The hull is completely resistant to sun and saltwater. It is a rigid boat and even has a removable skeg at the rear to improve its speed. It comes with a nylon carry bag, the repair kit, and full instructions.



Sevylor Caravelle

Multiple Passenger Blow Up BoatThis is the ideal boat if you want to venture out with a group of friends, but it is also great if you need a smaller watercraft onboard your larger one. It is a great option for a secondary boat since it does not have seats or a lot of extras to take along with you. It can hold up to three people or 600 pounds. It can hold a 12V electric motor and already has the fittings for an SBM. It comes with its own pump and oars. There is an airtight guarantee. It is guaranteed to never leak.



Saturn Kaboat

Dingy Kayak Option For Multiple PersonsThis 15-footer is made with 1100 Denier PVC. It has a wide beam hum for stability and enables you to stand up in it. It includes a front spray skirt that has a water deflector guard. There is also rope lacing on it. It has marine grade plywood transom. The drain plug flows only one way and there is a high-pressure inflatable air deck. You can choose from red or gray. When you inflate it fully, it can hold 900 pounds. There are aluminum seats for support and to give you the ability to customize the seat to meet your needs, even if you hope to install fishing chairs or canoe seats.



Saturn Expedition

Heavy Duty Optional DingyWhen you want an inflatable that can keep up with all of your specific needs, you may want to consider the Expedition. It has an extra thick 1.5mm PVC bottom and they are overlapped with an additional layer of PVC. It has a front spray skirt and water deflector. There is rope lacing for all your supplies and a marine grade plywood transom. There is a one way drain plug on it. With your purchase, you will get two sets of rowing oars, two sets of oar locks to help you when tandem rowing, three aluminum benches that can be removed, a hand pump, repair kit, and even a carrying bag to keep everything together. This makes it ideal for people who want to use it as a dingy for their larger boats.