Best Inflatable Kayak for Ocean & Sea

Not everyone is able to get the kayak of their dreams because they do not understand the difference between one type and another. They may choose the cheapest price over getting a more stable kayak. That is why we have put together a list of what we think is the best inflatable kayak for ocean and sea outings.

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Ocean Kayak Vs River Kayak

Sea OuttingSome of the most important features for an inflatable ocean kayak include having skegs or rudders. These will help you stay right-side-up in the waves. They may also sit lower in the water, be longer in length, and have a tighter cockpit to help you stay dry. Lake kayaks are more stable and have a large cockpit for the rider or riders to sit inside. Some will even have bulkheads, the same as a sea kayak. They may also have rudders for added control of the kayak.

Inflatable Ocean Kayaks Compared to Hard Sided Kayaks

Traditional, wooden or hard sided kayaks are very beautiful, but many say that an inflatable kayak ocean style could be best if you are inexperienced. They are portable and lightweight, Which gives you the opportunity to learn how to kayak without the extreme price tag that comes with wooden, plastic, fiberglass, and other types of kayaks. They are also, less likely to tip over with you while you are learning. This is because they have wider sides. Many inflatables are also able to carry more than one person. A standard, hard sided kayak is generally a one-man ride. To see what other features may make an inflatable the right choice for you, you should take a look at the reviews below. They are all popular choices and considered the best inflatable kayak for ocean outings

.NRS Pike Ocean Kayak

NRS Pike Angler IK Inflatable Fishing Kayak

This kayak measures 12’8” x 39”. It weighs only 35 pounds. There are three air chambers and it is PVC coated for extra durability. It has D-rings and other points to secure your gear. It comes with a skeg and a 3-year warranty. Check NRS Pike Pricing here⇒

Swing II Inflatable

Two Person Ocean KayakThis PVC-free kayak is environmentally friendly. It uses rubber coated polyester fabric instead. There is a zippered deck to store gear inside and a removable tracking fin. You can also purchase a spray deck. It has room for two people to ride comfortably. Current Swing II Pricing⇒

Swing I Inflatable Kayak

Swing I Inflatable Sea Outing KayakMuch like the larger version above, this is an environmentally friendly kayak. It has a zippered storage area for your important items to stay dry. You can purchase a spray skirt for it to ensure you stay dry. The tracking fin is removable and it is easy to inflate, deflate, and dry off. Current Swing I Pricing⇒

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak

Advanced Elements Inflatable KayakThis inflatable kayak has built-in aluminum ribs to ensure stability and provide improved tracking. It is very puncture resistant and preassembled to making your initial paddle a breeze. You simply unfold, inflatable, and attach the seat. It is designed for a single rider. Current Advanced Elements Pricing here⇒