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Inflatable Kayak In White Water

Top Five: Whitewater Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayaks promise to be a cheap alternative to traditional kayaks and most proclaim to be as good as hard sided kayaks. However, there are still people that question whether it is true or not. They want to know if an inflatable can truly handle bouncing off rocks in a white-water situation. The answer is, “yes”. Many inflatables are able to handle white-watering. Here is a list of our pick for top five whitewater inflatable kayak.

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What Makes an Inflatable Kayak Whitewater Worthy?

Inflatable Kayak In White Water“Are inflatable kayaks any good?” is a question that is asked often. It is what drives potential buyers to spend hours searching the internet for facts and reviews for inflatable kayaks. Instead of spending all of your time searching through tons of information, why not start with looking for whitewater kayaks and what makes them ideal for white-watering? By doing so, you are weeding out the kayaks that cannot handle more than a pond. One important feature of an inflatable whitewater kayak is going to be self-bailing. If you have the self-bailing feature, you could handle class IV white-waters with a little skill. Without the self-bailing feature, you should look for durable material, a tough tarpaulin bottom, and multiple air chambers.

How Are They Different from Hard-Sided Kayaks?

A whitewater inflatable kayak is a lot different from a hard-sided kayak. They typically have higher sides and they are often wider than standard kayaks. This makes them more stable than other types of kayaks. However, hard kayaks are better at tracking than inflatables, even if the inflatable has a tracker on them. If you are curious about whether they can handle white waters as well as hard-sided kayaks, you have only to look at what others use their inflatables for and see what they say. Most people feel they are just as good, if not better than hard sided kayaks. They don’t puncture easily, can provide you with a more stable kayaking experience, and maneuver easily. For more proof of why an inflatable may be best for you, you should take a look at our choice for top inflatable kayaks.

Advanced Elements Attack

This whitewater kayak is self-bailing and has a 12” bow. The hull is PV Tarpaulin and there are independent PVC bladders. The large 35” width increases stability and it has a covered cargo bay for storing dry items. Current Attack Pricing here⇒

  • Self-BailingAdvanced Elements Attack White Water Inflatable
  • Tarpaulin Hull
  • 5-Star
  • Price $$
  • 1yr limited warranty
  • weight 34 lbs
  • Max weight 225lbs

Tributary Tomcat Solo Inflatable Kayak

Using 30 ounce 500 denier outer PVC tubes and a slightly stronger floor, this inflatable is perfect for all types of kayaking. There are also inner bladders that have zipper access and topstitched seams throughout. It has a mesh drainage system. With your purchase, you get a one-year warranty and a repair kit. Current Tomcat Solo Pricing here⇒Tomcat Inflatable Kayak

  • PVC
  • Warranty 1-yr
  • Mesh Drainage System
  • Price $$
  • 40 pounds
  • 325 max weight

AIRE Tributary Tomcat Tandem

If you prefer to kayak with a friend, you will enjoy this kayak. It has two adjustable, hi-backed seats for comfort. It is self-bailing and has 3 air chambers. It comes with a 1-year warranty and repair kit to help you protect your investment. Current AIRE Pricing here⇒Tributary White Water Tandem Kayak

  • Tandem kayak
  • Self-Bailing
  • Warranty 1-yr
  • PVC
  • Price $$$
  • 42 pounds

Outlaw II IK

This inflatable uses PVC-coated polyester along with a drop-stitch floor insert to ensure it is durable. It is a tandem kayak that has the self-bailing feature. There are also bow and stern handles to make it easy to carry. It comes with a 3-year warranty and a repair kit. Current Outlaw II IK Pricing here⇒Outlaw II Kayak Review

  • Tandem
  • PVC Coated
  • 3-yr warranty
  • Self-bailing
  • Price $$$
  • 34lbs
  • 200+ pounds max

Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak

This 3-person kayak is rugged and durable. It is made with PVC and Tarpaulin. It has multiple air chambers and will never leak. The seats are adjustable and there are spray covers included. Current Big Basin Pricing here⇒Big Basin 3 Person White Water Kayak

  • PVC and Tarpaulin
  • 3 person
  • Price $
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Max weight 490 pounds
  • 34.8 pounds

Lagoon 2 Kayak Review

When it comes to inflatables, you need to ensure that you are getting quality. Advanced Elements is a company that manufacturers quality inflatable kayaks, and one of their most popular is the Lagoon 2. If you want to know why, read our Lagoon 2 kayak review.Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Inflatable Kayak

Features of the Lagoon 2

The Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 is a two-person inflatable kayak that is designed to be used in lakes, lazy rivers, bays, and a lot of other calm water situations. It has improved tracking thanks to built-in ridged panels along the bow and stern. Inside this inflatable kayak, you will find high support seats that are padded, molded rubber grip handles, and bungee deck lacing. It sets up easily using quick inflating Twistlock valves as well as high flow spring valves.

This kayak has a weight limit of 350 pounds, which means it is able to carry two adults of average size comfortably. It is 12ft long when completely inflated and has a one year warranty to ensure you are totally satisfied with your purchase.Lagoon 2 Inflatable Kayak

How Does The Lagoon 2 Kayak Compare?

There are many tandem kayaks on the market today. If you are curious about how the Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 tandem compares, you should know that is about the same length as other tandem kayaks. It is mostly designed for day trips, so there is not a lot of storage area on board, but this does mean you have a lighter boat that is comfortably going to fit two people. This one does have a lower maximum weight capacity than others on the market. This could be a downfall for some people, but in general, most current owners do not find that to be troublesome.Lagoon 2 Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Can You Use The Lagoon2 As A Fishing Kayak?

The Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 inflatable is designed to be used on calm waters. However, many have used it in waves and feel that it is very stable in the water. Although not designed for fishing, you could use it for that if you wanted to. You would not be able to stand up in the kayak, and there is very little storage space on the boat for rods, coolers, tackle boxes, and other fishing necessities. That is why most people prefer a fishing kayak.

This kayak is rated fairly high by those who have purchased it. It is one of the most budget friendly tandem kayaks available. Therefore, if you are interested in going out with a partner and enjoying a day on the water, you cannot go wrong with this kayak. However, if you are looking for a kayak that is great for long runs, fishing, or extreme kayaking adventures, you may want to explore your other options. More On Lagoon2⇒


Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Convertible

Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Convertible

Some courageous kayakers, undoubtedly, live for the thrilling risk and adventure of taking that all exciting plunge down a dramatic waterfall, while the more cautious soul might prefer to vigorously row over a calmer flat surface, all the while enjoying a hardcore workout using the natural water resistance. Still, others may simply enjoy a peaceful morning of fishing on a serene lake or river. In any case, kayaking has many substantial advantages to living a healthy outdoorsy type of life. The most important aspect of kayaking seems to be choosing just the right kayak for your own individual personality and needs. In this detailed article, we will be looking at The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Convertible Inflatable Kayak.Advanced Elements Convertible Inflatable Kayak

The Advanced Elements Kayak is worthy of more than a quick glimpse. The Advanced Elements inflatable kayak is a combination of a kayak with a folding frame and an inflatable kayak. With special use of the aluminum ribs which are built into the bow and stern, this inflatable kayak advanced elements slices through water with ease and challenges the track-ability of competing hard body kayaks. The stern, acting as a skeg, increases the Advanced Elements kayaks tracking performance. The durable materials which are used in a three layered construction features, undeniably, high quality components. Ample on-board storage space is perfect for longer trips. Easily and quickly stored and transported, within minutes this Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak can be ready for a planned vacation or an inopportune weekend adventure.

Notable Features of the Advanced Elements Kayak

Let’s take a look at some of the important features this inflatable kayak has to offer.

  • Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak With FrameThe special design of the hull, with its built-in ribs made of aluminum defines the stern and the bow to improve tracking.
  • The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible is durable. Constructed with three layers of high quality material, it is guaranteed to be extremely resistant to punctures.
  • Especially easy to prepare for use. It is pre-assembled in the factory, of course. So, all that is required is unfolding, inflating, and attaching the included seat. It is that simple.
  • Comfortable. The supportive high seat is adjustable and padded, providing hours of comfortable and enjoyable paddling.
  • Stylish. This stout inflatable kayak strongly compares with the look and style of a rigid kayak, but it is more easily portable because it is inflatable.

What do owners of the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible have to say?

Let’s take a look at some of the owner ratings and consumer reviews.

  • Consumers award the Advanced Element kayak with a high rating of 4.6 stars.
  • The Advanced Elements kayak performs well on whitewater as well as lazy rivers and lakes.
  • Customers report that the Advanced Elements kayak paddles very fast an, very importantly, tracks straight.
  • , inflatable kayak advanced elementsThe Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible is reported to be the best of both worlds. It stores easily, and it is strong and sturdy making it highly usable for serious kayakers.
  • Customers love the Advanced Elements Kayak as well as the accessories that can be purchased along with the kayak, and consider it to be the very best on the market due to its high quality and reliability.
  • Buyers report that the Advanced Elements kayak is comfortable and easy to paddle, making for a fun and relaxing trip whether on calm or rough waters.

Advanced Elements Convertible Frame

Clearly, the Advanced Elements Kayak is a reliable sturdy choice if you are in the market for an inflatable kayak that will last the test of time. The stylish rugged kayak, deservingly, scores high ratings among picky consumers and has been tested and approved by some of the most insightful and acute outdoor sports enthusiasts. It seems that the most critical features and essential details are met by the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible kayak, such as portability, ease of inflation, durability, and, of course, comfortability. It is apparent that in choosing this Advanced Elements inflatable kayak, you certainly could not go wrong. Read More Here⇒