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Sea Eagle 370 Pro Inflatable Kayak

Sea Eagle 370 Pro Inflatable Kayak Review

When it comes to an inflatable kayak, you want to make sure before you buy that it is made of quality material that will not leave you stranded. The Sea Eagle brand name promises that kind of quality, but is it truly what you want to depend on? Read our Sea Eagle 370 review to find out.

Features of the Sea Eagle 370 Pro

Sea Eagle 370 Pro kayak
is a two or three person inflatable kayak that can easily hold up to 650 pounds, but can easily be folded up to fit into a storage bag. It is lightweight and very portable at only 32 pounds, 50 if you include all of the gear and storage bag weight. This makes it a great option as compared to other inflatable kayaks, because you can carry it in your vehicle, on your boat, or when walking down to the river with ease.

It has been tested thoroughly and it is NMMA certified. This means you can feel safe when you climb on board. It is made with a 38mm Polykrylar (K80 PVC) hull, an I-beam, and a high frequency weld to ensure it is solidly built.Sea Eagle Pro 370 Inflatable Kayak

This kayak is ideal because it features a self-bailing drain valve to ensure that you do not take on water while paddling, even when riding white waters or battling the ocean surf. The three other valves on it are all one way valves. It also has lashed-down inflatable spray skirts which further ensures that no matter where you are, you will always be dry.

Even with all of the inflatable parts of this kayak, it only takes 8 minutes to fully inflate. This makes it one of the fastest inflatable kayaks available. It measures out to be 12ftx6x2ft exterior and 10ftx8inx1ft inside.

There are built in storage compartments in this kayak as well as front and rear rope handles, a bow and stern grab line. Skegs on the bottom give you improved tracking and speed.

When you purchase this kayak you will get a pressure gauge and a repair kit to ensure that if things go wrong, you have the necessary tools to fix it.

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak Pros

SE 370 Pro Inflatable KayakExtremely durable. You can also carry your furry pal on board because paws and claws will not damage the kayak in any way.

Holes are easily fixed if you happen to hit something in the water. There are some users who have hit oyster beds or other things and they say it is often a five minute repair job.

It is stable. Even if you are a larger, heavier person, the boat will not tip over easily.

It dries out easily so that storage is also easy to deal with. Some say both unpacking and repacking takes less than 30 minutes.

It comes with paddles and everything else that you could need for a day on the river or the ocean.


It is easier to control if you only have one person on board, unless you and your partner are very coordinated. However, many love it because it is large enough to carry coolers and fishing gear or other supplies on it.

This inflatable kayak must be deflated before you haul it. It is not safe to try and haul an inflated kayak on a car or trailer.

Sea Eagle 370

Is the Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak Worth It?

Most people say that the Sea Eagle Pro is a great product at a wonderful price. They say it is great value considering all that you get with your purchase. The main complaints about it are from people who ended up having holes that were not repairable. You should check your purchasing options before you buy to ensure your inflatable kayak is covered in the event of issues. However, in general, if you are looking for an easy to use kayak that is capable of allowing you and others to ride together, the Sea Eagle 370 reviews show that it is definitely something you should consider. Most current owners say, you will be totally happy with your purchase. Read More Here

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak Review

Inflatable kayaks are becoming very popular today for several reasons. Because they deflate and require less space, they are easier to store and transport than the hard body kayaks, and they weigh quite a bit less than their rigid counterparts. So, it is extremely easy for one person to manage the inflatable kayak when traveling alone. You might be wondering if these inflatable kayaks are durable and tough enough to handle all of the conditions that a regular hard kayak can handle. Many of today’s inflatable kayaks are designed to be just as dependable and strong as the traditional kayaks. Let’s take a look at The Sea Eagle 330 pro. The Sea Eagle is one of the most trusted inflatable kayaks available today.Sea Eagle SE 330 Inflatable Kayak

The Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak makes a great boat whether you are looking for a kayak for use in flat calm water, staying comfortable and dry, or using it for adventurous whitewater kayaking in some of the most extreme conditions. In this versatile Sea Eagle 330 review we will discuss the state-of-the-art fabrication and design that is computer aided, as well as the many advantages of choosing an inflatable kayak such as the sought-after Sea Eagle 330 pro.

Features of the Sea Eagle SE 330

  1. The Sea Eagle se330 can quickly be inflated and assembled in a short 6 minutes.
  2. Weighs only 26 pounds, but it has the capacity to hold up to 500 pounds.
  3. Professionally constructed of 33 mil Polykrylar, and the floor of the robust kayak is made with an inflatable I-beam.
  4. Whitewater rating up to Class III.
  5. Deflated, the strong and sturdy Sea Eagle 330 can easily fit into the trunk of the smallest car.
  6. Package includes an AB30 paddle, a movable seat, a convenient carry bag, as well as a foot pump and repair kit.
  7. Can safely hold up to two average sized people.
  8. Each of The Sea Eagle 330 pro inflatable kayaks come with a standard three year warranty from the manufacturer.

SE 330 Inflatable Kayak For White WaterLet’s take a look at what consumers are saying in the Sea Eagle Reviews: The Sea Eagle 330 pro has an impressive rating of 4.8 stars by consumers who have purchased this inflatable kayak. Impressed with the Sea Eagle se330, here are some of the highlights reported by customers who highly recommend the Sea Eagle SE330.

  1. The Sea Eagle 330 is great for first time buyers. For those who have little (or no) experience with kayaking, this inflatable kayak was a great buy with which they felt very comfortable.
  2. Easy to inflate, and it stores easily in areas such as trunks, RV storage compartments, small garages, and even apartments.
  3. Comes with a foot pump which is reported by buyers to be extremely easy to operate.
  4. The Sea Eagle 330 pro impresses even the hardest to please kayaker who reports only using hard body kayaks in the past.
  5. The Sea Eagle 330 is very hearty. Scraping across rocky surfaces and tree branches does not damage or impair the kayak.
  6. Consumers also report that the Sea Eagle 330 is stable enough to take your adventure loving dog along for the ride.

Best Inflatable Kayak For Fishing

In conclusion, it is easy to see why The Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak is a favorite among kayakers. It is constructed with the highest quality materials, and is built to be strong and sturdy, lasting a lifetime. The Sea Eagle 330 pro stores and transports easily in small or compact places. The ease of assembly and inflation, as well as deflation is also a noted benefit. The Sea Eagle reviews from consumers clearly support the statements and guarantee of the Sea Eagle pro manufacturer. The Sea Eagle se330 is a great choice if you are looking for an inflatable kayak that has a quality of distinction and is almost effortless. When purchasing your next inflatable kayak, The Sea Eagle 330 pro should be at the top of your list!