HydroForce Bolt X2 Review

The HydroForce Bolt inflatable kayak is made with 3-ply reinforced vinyl providing maximum durability. This means that when you venture into a shallow area, you do not have to worry about hitting rocks and causing a puncture that could leave you stranded. It is marine grade so you do not have to worry about the long term effects of sun, exposure to petroleum, or salt water.

HydroForce Tracking Fin

HydroForce Tracking Fin

It has a removable fin. This gives you directional stability so that you only go in the direction that you want to go. For your comfort, it also features two adjustable seats that double as storage compartments. There are carrying handles so that transporting it fully inflated is easier and an integrated drain valve.

Inflatable Kayak Air Pump It is a large tandem kayak. It measures in at 152” x37”. It can hold up to 374 pounds, which makes it suitable for most tandem kayakers. However, it only weighs 39.9 pounds.

With your purchase, you will receive two 86” aluminum two-bladed oars, the carrying bag, and an air pump to ensure you have everything you need to get out on the water. The air pump is a 14.5” Air Hammer.

Owner’s Opinion of the X2

This kayak holds a 4.6-star rating which is impressive among kayaks. Most owners say that it is a very high quality inflatable. Most say that it is easy to assemble and inflate. Also, many love how comfortable it is to ride in, even on extended trips out. Although some people say that it is an ideal beginner kayak, many others state that they love it even as an experienced kayaker.

If there is a downside to it, the drain plug does not mean it is self-bailing. However, as you read through owner reviews, most people say that it does not take on enough water to need to bail it. Hydro Force Kayak Seats

Is the HydroForce X2 Worth It?

X2 FunWe feel that this inflatable is ideal for beginners and all other kayakers, regardless of skill. If you want to spend a day relaxing on the water with a friend, it will provide you with all the relaxation you could want. It may not do well down rapids, but for most basic river or lake use, we cannot find a downside to it. We like the way that it looks, the high reviews, and the low price for this tandem kayak. We feel that it should be something you at least consider if you are expecting quality.