Inflatable Canoe Review

The inflatable canoe meets all the requirements of a canoe for half the price. In fact, there are not a lot of differences between inflatable canoes and kayaks. The canoe will be a little longer and wider. Canoe sides will be deeper so that you sit further down in the boat. There are even single person and tandem canoes, much the same as inflatable kayaks. The most important feature that sets an inflatable canoe apart from the inflatable kayak is that they are much more stable.Blow Up Canoe Stability

Difference between Inflatable Canoe and Standard Canoes?

If you are considering a blow up canoe, you will be happy to know that they are extremely durable and stable. Their stability is able to compare to a standard, hard shell canoe, according to most people who have given it a try. However, most will also tell you in the reviews about blow up canoes for sale that you may want to stay close to shore when learning. Inflatables are slow to paddle and many people have turned over in an inflatable canoe when trying to learn how to handle it. They are not the easiest boats to turn back over if this happens.Tahitit Coleman Inflatable Canoe

To learn more about what an inflatable canoe is all about, you may want to check out the reviews below. They are trusted by people who love canoeing and were the reason that many previous hard shell canoes made the switch.

Coleman Ogden 2 Person Canoe Combo

Coleman Ogden Inflatable CanoeThis canoe is made of heavy-duty PVC to ensure it is rugged enough to handle shallow or rough water. There is a polyester cover over the PVC to further ensure it is not easily punctured and in the rare case where a puncture does happen; there are multiple air chambers to help you get to shore. It is guaranteed to not leak and provides you with a secure storage area. See more about the Coleman Ogden here

Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

Sevylor Blow Up CanoeThis is a very popular choice for anyone who wants the best inflatable canoe/kayak available. It is made with 21-guage PVC and features multiple air chambers. It is guaranteed to not leak and there are adjustable seats to ensure you are comfortable. It also includes spray covers to ensure you stay dry. See more about the Tahiti Hunt here

Coleman Rio Canoe Hunt Fish

Rio Single Person CanoeOur inflatable canoe review shows that this canoe is a good choice for most people. It is slightly higher priced and it is designed for only one person, but it does have a double hull and raised bow, which some people like. The stern is also raised. More about the Coleman Rio here

Coleman Clear Creek 2-Person Kayak Combo

Sevylor Inflatable Tandem CanoeThis is a very rugged kayak for lake use. It has 26-gauge PVC that is covered with a protective layer. It will not leak and there are spray covers included to keep you dry. There are adjustable seats on board and carry handles make it easy to put in and take out of the water. Included with your purchase is an air pump, carrying case, paddles and the kayak. See the Clear Creek here