Innova Safari Inflatable Kayak Review

Kayaking is a favorite pastime of many people. It is a great way to explore the rivers and see things that not everyone will get to see. It is also a great form of exercise that works out your upper body and the thrills of paddling over the ocean or white waters provides thrills that are unmatched by other adventures. The thing is, not everyone wants to invest in a kayak and a way to haul it. This is where the Innova Safari inflatable kayak review comes in handy. With it, you will know if others before you feel it was a worthwhile investment that is easier to haul than most kayaks.Innova Safari Inflatable Kayak Review

Why Own the Innova Safari?

The Innova Safari is a single person inflatable kayak that can handle anything you want to put in its path as long as you are lighter than 220 pounds. There are many people who use it in lazy rivers, but there are also just as many who are willing to hit the rapids and surf on the big waves. It outshines other inflatable kayaks by far because of the fact that it is so versatile and it is all because of the way it is designed.

It is made of 1200 denier NytrylonTM and uses no PVC. This gives it a river rating of Class III. It features three separate air chambers. The Safari includes inflatable side tubes which create a very rigid integrated hull. This means surfing and carving are easier to handle than with other inflatables. It has thigh straps and a removable.

With your purchase you will also get a backpack/dry bag which is used for storing your kayak when it is not in use. However, you do not have to worry about keeping up with this bag because it fits conveniently into the seat of the Safari when you are using the kayak. This gives you a place to store valuables such as your cell phone and camera.

How Does The Safari Handle?

This kayak has a low drag hull shape that gives it an efficiency that most people cannot imagine an inflatable kayak to have. This means when the wind is blowing you do not have to worry about it slowing you down. It is not a kayak that you have to baby along. It has the self-bailer to ensure that no matter how rough the water may be, you can handle it. Even though it is only 10 feet long and 24 pounds, most owners say that it has a tracking that is comparable to longer kayaks. Some owners also say though that the tracking is not as good as wooden kayaks, but it can still hold its own, even after many years.

Where Can You Enjoy Your Innova Safari Inflatable Kayak?

This kayak one person, is able to handle rapids, ocean waves, lazy rivers, and more. In other wordst if there is a body of water that you want to get your feet wet in or travel through, this inflatable kayak can help you get it done. This is great considering most other inflatable kayaks have the ability to travel through some areas, but not all of them. It is truly a kayak that is designed for the adventurous soul, even if you enjoy trips that are multiple day trips or for an extended period of time. As you read through the Innova Safari inflatable kayak reviews that others have left behind, you will see that they are adventurous, like you, and they have no need for a kayak other than this one. Shouldn’t you give it a try to see what thrills you can have with it? Read More Here.