Innova Sunny Inflatable Kayak Review

The Innova Sunny is made 1200 denier Nitrylon. This means it is PVC free and still remains tough. It will glide over the water.

It is a two-person inflatable kayak that can be used as a single person kayak. You can use the extra space as storage when adventuring alone, but it is still spacious if there are two people on board. This is because it has an open cockpit that has double ends, so both ends of the kayak are shaped the same way.

There is a removable tracking fin to ensure you stay on the right course. You also receive a drybag backpack to keep your personal items dry. You can tie the backpack to the kayak or have other items tied to it.

This kayak is able to carry up to 396 pounds of gear or people on board, but it only weighs 33 pounds. Even if you want to hike out to a hidden lake, you can a friend can easily carry and use it anywhere that you want to go kayaking.

This is a Class 1 inflatable kayak that is 12’8” long and 31” wide. This makes it ideal for quiet rivers and lakes. It has three air chambers to keep you safely afloat, even if you do somehow manage to puncture the thick, durable material.

Innova Sunny Inflatable Kayak Review

How Does the Sunny Inflatable Kayak Compare?

If you are wondering how the Innova Sunny inflatable kayak measures up against other inflatable kayaks, you should know that both the Intex Explorer and Sevylor Fiji are cheaper options. However, the Innova Sunny is larger than the Explorer and the Sunny is PVC while the other two contain PVC. The only area that the Fiji may be better is how much it weighs. It is a few pounds lighter than the Sunny.

Is the Innova Sunny Inflatable Kayak is Worth It?

After looking through numerous reviews for the Sunny it is loved by most people who have purchased it. They love how stable it is and note that it is one of the few inflatables that can be easy to get on and off of without it tipping over. Some of the current owners have had it for several years and never experienced any problems with it developing a leak in the seals or getting punctured easily. They do admit that they do have scuff marks on the bottom from where it has scrubbed the bottom, but so far there are no punctures. It offers superb tracking and a variety of other features that they enjoy as well. Some reviewer’s only negative thought about it is that the double I-beam bottom could be a little thicker. More On Innova Sunny⇒