Innova Twist & Double Twist Inflatable Kayak Review

Do you want a single person kayak or a double seated one? This is the big question for most people who want to get up and out into the great outdoors and paddling their way to fun, relaxation, and exercise. Luckily, Innova has the answer. However, many people ask which is best and whether the Innova Twist and Double Twist inflatable Kayak is worth it or not.

Innova Twist Kayak

This single person kayak has a 220 pound capacity, even though it weighs only 16 pounds. It is made using LitePack fabric and rip-stop polyester to give it durability no matter where your adventures may take you. It stores easily into a backpack that doubles as a drybag. It does not contain any PVC and it does come with a repair kit. There is a removable tracking fin on it and gear bungees. It is designed to have great air retention as well.Innova Twist Inflatable Kayak

With this Innova Twist inflatable kayak you can spend the day touring and backpacking into lakes that are out in the middle of nowhere. You can visit your most favorite rivers and never have to worry about getting your wooden kayak to the water again. It uses bayonet style valves in three of its main chambers. This means if you do end up with a damaged area in your kayak, it will still get you to safety and your repair kit.

The only issue that some people really may have with it is that the seat inside is not adjustable. This means a shorter person may have to use a pad under them to give them a little more height within the boat. The good news is that most people consider this to be simply a minor inconvenience that is easily dealt with. Read More Owner Reviews Here.

Innova Double Twist 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

If you would prefer to have a kayaking partner in your boat with you, the Double Twist makes it easier to consider. It still offers the LitePack material and rip-stop polyester fabric, gear bungees, air retention and other feature that the original single person twist offers. However, it is slightly heavier at 23 pounds. With that extra weight, it can hold up to 396 pounds and for many people it is worth that little bit of extra weight when carrying it, just to be able to hold two adults. Especially when the fact that it weighs 23 pounds, makes it lighter than most single person inflatable kayaks on the market.Innova Double Twist Kayak

This kayak has a good sized removable tracking fin, which makes it easier for you to get where you want to. It is the greener option when compared to other kayaks because it does not contain any PVC. It still contains the three separate chambers that people love on the original Twist. It makes it so that if you happen to bottom out on a rock and puncture one area of the kayak, you still have the chance to get to shore and repair it.

According to the Double Twist reviews, it is a solidly built double person kayak. They say it is durable, easy to pack up, and even easier to inflate. The biggest recommendations from current owners include that you should consider the fact that the seats do not adjust and that you should not leave it in the sun while inflated on dry land. The reasons behind this are simple. Size matters because you will scrape bottom when you are near the shore if you and your partner weigh more than the maximum recommended weight. You also have to consider if you and your partner are both nearly 6” you may not have enough leg room to be comfortable on long trips. The other issue is that if you leave it on land, sun will cause it to expand and you do run the risk of it busting a seam. In most cases, a seam will be easy to deal with, but if you know that there is a potential risk involved with leaving it fully inflated on dry land, why would you really choose to risk it? Read More On Double Twist Here.