Kayak Trolling Motor Battery

Kayaks can get you into tight areas, they can give you an unbeatable amount of exercise, and there is no denying that the beauty of everything you see is amazing. Most are lightweight and there are plenty of options available. One of the best options for many kayakers though is the option to have a trolling motor on board.Kayak Trolling Motor

Why Do Kayaks Have Trolling Motors?

5DCM0035Most people choose to have trolling motors on their kayaks if they want to stay out longer than they want to paddle or for those long distances where a person may have to otherwise spend days paddling. It also comes in handy when you lose track of time and darkness begins to fall before you can get back to shore. For some other people, it is more about having the trolling motor battery on board to run other accessories. Fishing kayaks may need fish finders or depth finders, along with the trolling motor to get into tight areas. These things all depend on a reliable kayak trolling motor battery such as the DCM0035.

What Makes a Good Trolling Motor for Kayaks?

Optima Blue Top Kayak Trolling MotorWhen looking for a trolling motor for your kayak, you may want to stick with a bow mounted motor that can be hand, foot, or wirelessly controlled. They are often easier to use and more maneuverable than the other possible trolling motor which mounts on the transform. Along with that motor you may want a kayak battery such as the Optima Batteries 8016-102 deep cycle marine battery, especially if you do have a lot of extras on board that can also make use of a long lasting battery. Read More On Optima Blue Top⇒

How to Mount a Trolling Motor On A Kayak

Inflatable Kayak Trolling Motor MountMany kayaks are already set up for a trolling motor because it is a popular addition by so many kayakers. If your kayak does not come with an area already prepared for you to add a trolling motor, you may want to consider purchasing a kit that will enable you to make it ready for the motor. This includes a skimmer’s plate which can be attached using bolts or wingnuts. From there, you will want to apply the foam strips and the skimmer’s plate so that the trolling motor can be added. This is what will hold your motor so that you can use it when you want to ride instead of paddle.

VMAX Trolling Motor BatteryAfter you have the motor in place, you will then need to attach a battery to it, using a battery box is ideal because of the potential for your kayak to tip over. If you are worried about storage area for a battery, you can choose the VMAX MR127 or others like it. They are maintenance free and ideal for boats of all types. Most all kayaks have a storage area for a trolling battery. You simply have to figure out how to wire it to other accessories so that wires are not running all over your kayak. Read More On VMAX⇒

Are You Ready to have a Trolling Motor?

Universal Trolling Battery When you are ready to invest in a kayak trolling motor battery you may also want to consider the 12V 100Ah universal battery sold by Universal Power Group. It is a battery that can be used on a wide variety of things including electric vehicles and motorcycles. It weighs 60 pounds, which is heavy for some people, but it has the ability to last for an extended period of time, no matter what accessories are on board with your kayak with trolling motor. More On Universal Power Group⇒