Sevylor K5 Hot Fish Kayak Review

Sevylor is a name brand of inflatable kayaks that many people know. They provide safe, durable, easy to work with inflatable kayaks. Now, they also have the Sevylor K5 Hot Fish Kayak so that you can do even more when you are in the great outdoors. To discover all it has to offer continue to read our full Sevylor K5 review where we will also tell you if it gets a thumbs up in comparison to other inflatable fishing kayaks.Sevylor K5 Hot Fish Fishing Kayak

Features of the Sevylor K5 Hot Fish Kayak

Hot Fish Inflatable KayakThis is a kayak is designed with the fisherman (or fisherwoman) in mind. To help out these eager fishermen, it includes two fishing rod holders so that your hands are free to maneuver your kayak onto the next fishing honey hole.

The Sevylor Quickpak k5 inflatable kayak is made of 24 gauge PVC and then covered with 600D polyester, providing you with durable protection from punctures. This means you can edge in close to the shore and not have to worry as much about what may be underneath.

There is a zippered storage compartment on board. This gives you plenty of space to pack up your gear and snacks while you are out on the water. The compartment is within easy reach of the seat. If you have more gear than you can put into the zippered compartment, there are also D-rings on board so that you can tie down larger items.

As a single person kayak, you can expect a lower maximum weight rating. However, this kayak still allows you to carry up to 250 pounds. This gives the average adult man enough leeway to carry himself and everything that he will need for his fishing trip, including the fish that you want to take home with you!

How Does the K5 Compare To Other Inflatable Kayaks?

When looking at the Hot Fish kayak, you may not initially see its quality, but it is designed to handle just about any type of water. It is a very roomy single person kayak that can get near the shore without you having to worry about what you may hit. In comparison to the Advanced Elements Convertible kayak, you may feel that you get more space if you choose the Convertible, but they are near the same size. The Convertible is not designed for fishing. There are no rod holders on the Advanced Elements and as an added bonus the K5 is a good bit cheaper in price.K5 Sevylor Hotfish Kayak Review

Owner Thoughts on the K5 Hot Fish

If you look through reviews on the web by customers who have purchased the K5, you will see that most give it a 4-star rating. Most who feel it is necessary to leave a Sevylor Quickpak K5 review state that it is durable and that it meets all of their needs. They like that they can store it and carry it along with them easily. They feel it is a stable kayak. The only downside is that they do wish that it had a little more room for their gear. More On Sevylor K5 Hot Fish⇒