Sun Shades & Sails Review

When you have an inflatable kayak, you may not always want to spend your time paddling. There is something that is calming about being carried along by the wind. It is soothing to the mind and relaxing for the body. The thing is; not many people know that they can have a sail with their inflatable. Check out the ones we found below in our inflatable kayak with sail review.

Top Inflatable Kayak Wind Sails

WindPaddle Sails Medium Sun Shade

Wind Paddle Sun Shade & SailThis is a sunshade for kayaks and canoes. It is designed to be one size fits all paddle craft. It installs easily using your existing deck hardware, lines, and cords. There is a self-supporting frame to ensure that it does not tear up easily even though it weighs only 2.5 pounds. You can remove it or set it up while you are out on the water. It is ideal for taller paddlers and boats with high seating. You can use it while fishing. It is designed for hard-sided boats, but can work with any small watercraft. This may catch some of the breezes on open water, but it is mostly designed to keep you in the shade so you can enjoy your day out to the max.



Advanced Elements Rapid Up Sail

Advanced Elements Wind SailThis universal sail is designed to harness the power of the wind and put it on your back so that you go forward as fast as possible. It is compact and very portable. It folds up into an 18” disk. If you are worried about visibility, you will have three windows that will allow you to see clearly in all directions. This increases safety. It sets up easily and stows away quickly when not in use. It has an internal spring frame. This sail can be used with inflatable kayaks and works with the use of one hand.



WindPaddle Sails SunShade

Large Sun ShadeIf you want a sunshade for your inflatable kayak, this could be ideal. It fits most all paddle boats, canoes, SUPs, and inflatables. It is large and attaches to the deck hardware you already have. It measures in at approximately 44” x 42” or 12 sq. ft. You should only use this sunshade on calm days or very light wind. Due to its size, it could catch unwanted winds on a breezy day.



BaiFM Downwind Sail

Downwind SailThis sail is 46 inches in diameter. It is made with triple stitched seams on the rip stop nylon and a perimeter that is made of a very strong composite material. It sets up easily and deploys quickly. All you have to do is hook the lines to the D-Ring and release it. The wind will catch it and you will be able to enjoy soaring over the water. However, you do have to hold the top strap at all times when you are sailing with it. It fits on inflatables, kayaks, canoes, expedition boats, and tandems. This means that virtually any boat you have can benefit from this sail.



MonkeyJack Universal

Kayak Water SockThis is an anchor drogue that is a drift sock to help you slow down if you start moving too quickly through the water. You can choose one of two sizes, the 12-14ft or the 14/16ft. It works with all types of boat from power boats to sailboats, inflatables, jet skis, and kayaks. It can improve fishing success and is very portable. It is also durable. Just toss it out and it will to slow you down with the current. It is made of PVC material with reinforced webbing to ensure it will not let you down when you need it.